Warehouse management system

Use an optimal warehouse management system with our Laps WMS now and in the future!

lean & focused:

By focusing the features of your WMS are designed in such a way that they respond optimally to you. In this way we bundle your time and financial resources in a targeted manner and the Laps WMS supports you optimally!

flexible & growing with you:

If your requirements, processes, framework conditions or priorities change we will adapt the features of to the status quo quickly. Your solution is always up-to-date and therefore supports you optimally at all times!

fast & user-friendly

With Laps, the project duration for realizing your WMS is short and the WMS is particularly user-friendly!

Optimize your stocks and thereby optimize your tied-up capital. In addition your warehouse will be sustainably optimized with acceptable tolerance limits in the inventory and deliveries will be bundled in a meaningful way. All of this leads to the optimal use of your storage space, which is why you save and use your resources optimally!

Data acquisition processes are automated, for example when creating data sets or calculating key figures. This means that information is passed on specifically to you, which is why your processes take place faster and more optimally!

You can process your order picking quickly and products that are often bought together are grouped or sorted according to turnover rate. Furthermore your delivered goods are sensibly collected and exact storage objects are defined. Through all of these processes you make the most of your storage options!

Insufficient stocks are recognized and avoided at an early stage. Your transport orders are systematically processed and optimal partial transports are defined. All of this means that you carry out your goods transports particularly effectively and eliminate delivery bottlenecks!

Thanks to real-time data and interfaces you access your warehouse data directly. In order to achieve this master data is maintained, compared and updated. With the help of this information your employees act faster and make targeted decisions!

Through assigned individual user rights your employees and managers have targeted information access. This enables the use of your warehouse management system without endangering data security!

You use forecast calculations to react in advance to upcoming changes, such as seasonal fluctuations. This allows you to act flexibly and quickly, which is why you will cope with future changes more successfully!

Optimize your warehouse management with Laps WMS - We look forward to your project!