Logistics solutions

We offer logistics solutions that optimally combine innovation and established products .

Cloud & On-Premises:

We offer you solutions for both scenarios. In order to offer you even more flexibility it is also possible to change the variants. So you get a logistics solution that allows any project size!

tailor-made & modern:

We implement your very own individual logistics solution. As a result, your logistics solution offers optimal tailor-made processes and a contemporary user interface!

adaptable & expandable:

The features can be expanded, modeled and supplemented. Always optimally and the handling of new tools is familiar to you from the start!

Laps warehouse management system - for your optimal warehouse management

Laps order picking solutions - for your optimal order picking!

Laps logistics and KPI cockpit - for your optimal logistics!

Optimize your processes with Laps logistics solutions - We look forward to your project!