Picking solutions

Benefit from the Laps order picking solution, which specifically addresses the requirements of your order picking!

supporting & guiding:

The Laps order picking solution supports your employees customized. Your order picking is quickly and optimally!

accelerating & optimizing:

With the Laps picking solution your picking processes are accelerated and optimized. This spares your financial, human and material resources!

combining & merging:

With the tailor-made Laps order picking solution we address each of your order picking areas individually. This allows you to use and combine your various areas optimally!

Data is passed on in real time and relevant to the recipient. This results in a focus of the activity and a relief for your employees!

The error detection runs automatically with our Laps order picking solution, the corresponding information on remedial action is passed on and a follow-up supply is indicated. This means that your delivery will be carried out optimally!

Your storage rooms are optimally used as volume, weight and the associated workload are taken into account when planning and re-sorting the goods. All of this leads to optimal use and to the protection of your financial, personal and material resources!

Your goods are provided more quickly, as the order picking and material supply are synchronized. This gives your pickers the optimal order for quick order picking!

Optimize your order picking with Laps solutions - We look forward to your project!