Logistics & KPI cockpit

Control and increase your success in logistics!

user-friendly & easy:

With the Laps Logistics & KPI cockpit your numbers, data and facts are presented in a modern and meaningful structure. Use the modern tool for your optimization!

focused & flexible:

The Laps Logistics & KPI Cockpit passes on information so that you are optimally supported in the respective activity!

self-explanatory & relieving:

We implement your Laps Logistics & KPI Cockpit individually, which is why a modern user interface and optimal processes are displayed!

The Laps Logistics & KPI Cockpit quickly provides information about the completeness and punctuality of your deliveries. This enables you to make decisions that enable better performance!

Your processes are accelerated and you react to changes in better time. Process numerous deliveries quickly and optimally!

You reduce your depot, storage, transport, packaging,  handling and information costs with the Laps logistics & KPI cockpit. This way you achieve lower shipping costs!

Information is passed on in the LAPS Logistics & KPI Cockpit in real time and relevant to the recipient. As a result information is passed on to you in a targeted manner which leads to efficient and effective processes!

Optimize your logistics with Laps & KPI Cockpit - We look forward to your project!