Lord-Chaos – time for superheroes

It’s April 28th in the US – Superhero Day. We are in logistics-city.

As always, the morning fog disappears slowly and the lights turn on in the first few houses. In the distribution center – just as nearly every day – people are already working diligently at this time. A normal day too?

No! Suddenly the villain Lord-Chaos is in the warehouse.

Lord-Chaos invincible?

With a wide grin on his face and obviously enjoy Lord-Chaos – justify to his name – for chaos at the warehouse processes. The first deliveries are already in danger. Are empty supermarket shelves threatened? The situation seems hopeless. But suddenly – someone standing in the way of Lord-Chaos. It is the superhero Super-LAPS, with his superpower the chaos-defeating warehouse management system LAPS.

The duel begins

A duel between the two immediately raises. Again and again Lord Chaos activates his dark mights and caused empty trips and provokes picking errors. But Super-LAPS is a master at using his superpower and degrades Lord-Chaos more and more. All internal inventory changes are digitized and thanks to the holistic view of the complete inventory, Lord-Chaos has no chance, despite all the complexity in the warehouse.

Lord-Chaos realizes – he has no chance against Super-Laps and the villain disappears from the distribution center.

Super-LAPS saved Logistics-City, but will Lord-Chaos return?