The processes behind the Easter dinner

In Austria, after Christmas, Easter is the time when most sales are generated in retail. Something that many people in Styria do not want to miss in addition to the Easter gifts is the typical Easter dinner. A few coordinated steps are required so that nothing stands in the way of this common meal.

Easter already starts in summer

The store managers decide on their Easter range as early as six months before Easter. Equipped with a tablet they explore the Easter goods on display at special trade fairs, compile their range there and record the expected sales volumes.

Teamwork for success

The wholesaler’s promotional-ordering-system bundles the individual orders and triggers the resulting large orders from the industry. Wholesalers use modern warehouse management systems in order to use the available – mostly scarce – storage capacity as efficiently as possible. In support of this the Easter goods are requested from the industry shortly before the start of delivery and then in stages over the entire Easter period.

From wholesale to retail

The retail trade is supplied with its regular delivery cycle as far as possible. Fresh products for the typical Styrian Easter dinner – colored eggs, smoked meat and fresh horseradish – are delivered several times a week or even daily. Your popular chocolate Easter bunnies are usually delivered to retailers along with the other products in the dry range at correspondingly longer intervals.